Hi! Im Ari´s pet Lumikki. Meow! It is really nice to meet you online. By the way, You can buy me a treats, gifts or maybe a scrathing tree or sleeping place. You can order and send items from zooplus.com. My address is...

Ari / Lumikki Kivikangas
Keinontie 10 A 7
92500 Rantsila

Lots of thanks to all pet lovers! Meow! ;) p.s. Say hello to your own pet! :)
Hi! My name is Ari, Cyberman is just my nickname! I guess that i should tell you something about me! 49yo, single, never married, no kids, epileptic, i have a dear pet a cat named Lumikki, SnowWhite in english. Please behave in my chat or you will get banned for long time!. You can support my lifestyle by making a donation or monthly payment by using Paypal. You can cancel monthly payment when ever you want to!

You can connect me via cybermanshow@gmail.com

My main admins e-mail address is ralz@netc.eu
Lifecasting has been my hobby for long time and im still doing it. My website is free and open for everybody and it will be so as long as im doing this project. There will be no full frontal nudity or abusive footage of any kind! I will  try to stream my whole life out in to internet.I have difficult epilepsy and sometimes they may be dangerous! I hope that my website is popular so i can develop my website and pay all costs. I dont work so im very much at home with Lumikki and online. 2 times per day i go out to near by support center to get my medications, sometimes i go out to store to buy food and needed items and sometimes i got to see my doctor as he takes care of my health. My plan is that i get all needed money from sponsorships and advertiser banners and im looking for one more banner deal. At summer i get 4G for my connection then i can add more screens to my website and bitrate will be far more. I try to develop my website at all times. I need to get more money from my sponsors and from banners too. I pay 100 euros per month for my streaming website so its not cheap for me! 
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